Animated GIFs
created using Macromedia Fireworks, Flash, ...
created using Flash 5 from Macromedia. Sound is included.
Filemaker Database (SureShot)
user name and password are "admin"
Streaming Video
captured via digital camcorder and converted to video files. Sound and special effects included.
web-based calendar demo. Must enter User ID and password. User name is viewer and password is viewer. Viewer is limited to viewing.

Form based Questionaire
Our favorite graphic artist
morphing is done with a variety of applications including Flash 5.0

Websites and Webpages

This site is JY's cinema review offerings.... interviews, streaming video,


Caption Colorado page
This page has blinking buttons, ...

RERC (Real Estate Resource Center)
This site is in development, ...

Omegadogs Cinternational
This site has many streaming video reviews which were shot via camcorder (JY) and transferred to the web. Sound is included.

Amsterdam Man
This site has images of a project manager from Amsterdam visiting Sturgis, ...

Crown Pointe
This site has preliminary webwork by eighth graders, ...

This page links to examples of Websites created
by omegadogs as well as pages demonstrating
particular techniques.......... By Joanne Yanmaguchi and Gus Calabrese